Saturday, January 1, 2011

Part 5 - Defeating the Argument “Was Jesus Son of God?” Rightfully ….

A – Is it right to put someone sin or mistake over another?

-          If a lazy student didn’t pass an exam, shall his friend or a student next to him or all his classmates fail too, or have the same low degree?
-          If someone get sick in a house shall all his brothers and sisters come sick too and must transfer the disease to all his neighbors too?
-          If someone stole money from someone, shall he be taken to prison, and all his family, grandparents, uncles and cosines, and nephews, step brothers, step sisters, etc…
-          If someone killed a human being and set to death penalty, shall all who have the same family name, or the same first name must be executed too with him?
-          So, why all Adams’ children and daughters and all his descendents for ages and centuries must carry a sin that they didn’t ever commit it, never attend it, never participate in, not even been asked or counseled about it to be done or not?? WHY??

-          The answer is surely: There is NO right to carry someone else mistake, even if he was our first father.

B – Is it right to punish someone innocent instead of the criminal?

-          Is it right, that if someone failed you take teacher’s son and punish him instead?
-          Is it right, that if someone’s teenager did someone bad, will the mother or father punish their infant instead, shall they grounded him and stop feeding him and hit him, because of his old brother sins?
-          If someone saw his neighbors’ sons broke something in their house or in the neighborhood, will he punish his own children and lock them out?
-          If thieves, killers, rapists  brought to court for judgment, is it logic that judge will execute his own SON, the most educated, most gentleman, most intelligent, most respected, most handsome, is it logic that Judge will execute his son to save those criminals for their SINS?
-          So, why is it right, That God or son of GOD must be punished and crucified for SIN’s he never did by himself, but did by humans?

-          Therefore, the answer here is also NO, there is no right.
C – Is it right that GOD loves all sinners, that he sacrificed by his own SON for them?

-          If God loves all sinners, so why we “humans” don’t love them too?
-          If God loves all sinners, then will be the criminals, killers, and thieves are the best people that God loves them, aren’t they who God crucified his son for them, then those are the best of people? What does this mean?
-          Then why we have police, security system, judges and courts, if God love all sinners?
-          Why we have to catch the criminals and lock them in Jail, why we have to punish them, if God himself didn’t punish them, didn’t he scarify his son for them? Why we don’t scarify too?
-          Why teacher punish her bad student, why mother discipline her children to be good, if being bad sinners will be closer to God? Then why we prevent our children from stealing, drinking, having drug, making all sins, etc…, aren’t we behaving against God’s will? Why we have to care what bad they will do if God will forgive them anyway?
-          Why someone will be angry or even fierce if someone stole his money, or rape his wife or daughter, isn’t he a sinner, and God loves all sinners, especially bad ones?

-          So, is it right that God love all sinners, of course NOT, otherwise there is no RIGHT in all universe?

“Was Jesus Son of God, or Part of God, or God himself?” 
Rightfully, the answer is definitely NO.

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