Saturday, January 1, 2011

Part 2 - Defeating the Argument “Was Jesus Son of God?” Religiously ….

A- Ancient Religions and the idea of “SON of God”?

Quoted from Wikipedia: “Son of God”:
-          In Greek mythology: Heracles and many other figures, human and divine, were considered to be sons of gods such as Zeus, their highest god, and Zeus himself was represented as one of the sons of another god

-          Alexander the Great: implied he was a demigod by actively using the title "Son of Ammon–Zeus". (His mother Olympias was said to have declared that Zeus impregnated her while she slept under an oak tree sacred to the god.)

-          Ancient Egyptian: The Ptolemaic pharaoh Caesarion, a son of the deified Julius Caesar and Cleopatra VII, was proclaimed divine, son of a god and King of Kings at the donations of Alexandria ceremony in autumn 34 BCE.

-          The Roman emperor Augustus: Caesar's adopted son, was also called "divi filius": "Divi filius", not "Dei filius" (son of God), was the Latin term used, and, in Greek, the term huios theou ("son of a god") was applied.

B- Does the “Son of God” accepted in Religions “Jewish and Islam”?

-          Definitely NO.

C- Summary:
All pagan religions had the idea of “Son of GOD”, which may entered in Christianity from its surrounding but it’s never been accepted by two major religions came before and after Christianity which are Jewish and Islam.

D- Conclusion:

“Was Jesus Son of God, or Part of God, or God himself?”

Religiously, the answer is definitely: NO..

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