WHY this blog?

WHY this blog?
Actually, I have a hobby which is debating with kind and smart people, especially if they are different, I like to learn how brain really works, how to fight, defend, maneuver and even retreat using ideas, and not by hands or tanks!!
I used to debate on different forums especially religious, but unfortunately they are full of decent and indecent people, I know that I can’t select with whom I want to talk with on internet, it’s open for all world, but at least open the door for the good ones, and kick out who are not.

Why religious discussions?
Although, I am not a religious student and I don’t work in such domain, but I find such arguments the most difficult that can be ever be discussed.
In a religious debate, you will try to prove an idea only; you are not trying to sell a product or a service for a customer. It’s only an idea, a set of few words and letters.
This idea is about the “Unseen”, which make the debate a very exciting “intellectual” game: so how you prove an idea about unseen thing, or event, or situation, or place, or whatever, and you didn’t see it, touch it, or smell it, and the one who will refuse it or accept it will also not feel it too!!!
Really, strange and difficult…
But if you are good enough and able to succeed in such game, you will become a great salesperson, you may be able to sell almost everything, even selling ice to the Eskimos !!

Who can participate?
This blog is open for all those who may find their skills and their personality suitable for such discussions, and the most important thing that your heart is pure like “crystal”, that you can’t hate any other living being on Earth just because they are different (and in space later on, in case they met the UFO’s finally).
Race, skin color, hair long, eyes color, fingers count, etc…  all are irrelevant, they are only due to genes combination in blood, so if you are human from flesh, bones and blood, and you enjoy brain work, then you are the one who is most welcomed to participate.
You can add your comments or send a question on “Queries Page”, and if it’s good to debate around then we open a post and keep commenting on it from all sides, not only Islam or Christianity side, but any religious or nonreligious background is also welcomed.

Why the title is “Debate with a Christian”?
For many good reasons:
First, because I am a Muslim and I’m fond of debating with the other one who mostly will be Christian, although debates between Muslims are not easy too even harder, but between Muslims and non-Muslims will be more fundamental and interesting.
Secondly, debating with others allow you to put your feet in others shoes, seeing from the second side.
Third, it improves knowledge and research experience, and tasting different cultural flavors, which may not be available in debates of the same background.
As the Islamic world is in center of the world, circulated by Christian and countries of other religions, which make it very interesting to know people from places never seen before, and figure out how they argue too, and what logic they use in their debates.

What to debate about, and how?
Debating is around any concept in both religions, but not necessary limited to this, even about life concepts and values, and how each side looks about it from his vision; we can also debate about the morals in different cultures.
You can use only: Scientific facts, Historical events, critical thinking, philosophy, common sense, and anything that is called in science a “valid evidence”, which can help you to prove your idea.

General Rules:
The following is an Ethical Terms and Conditions for all who may use this blog, PLEASE consider it honestly:
-          Use Proper Language in any of your posts or comments.
-          Use scientific and logical discussions.
-          Support your ideas with any evidence possible.
-          Include references if you want to include someone else writings.
-          Talking in politics is NOT ALLOWED ever.
-          Defeat the ideas, DON’T attack the person.

Good luck all Brothers and Sisters,