Saturday, May 7, 2011

Debate with a Priest (2) – About Creation Story, Old Universe doesn’t contradict with Creation Theory, Is Jesus the LORD? Is some of Bible corrupted?



I think you may need to check the below article, it explains Genesis story in different manner that fit much more with Science:

Scientists will never accept the 7000 years period.



Thank you for your input. To be candid, however, your statement is fallacious. You say, "it explains [the] Genesis story in [a] different manner that fit[s] much more with Science."

That's a fallacy. Science is only what is testable, repeatable, observable. The methods used for millions/billions of years are terribly unreliable at best, and it is all based on assumptions. Though I could get into the contradictory nature of citing both the Quran and the Bible as if they are describing the same, showing the many contradictions between the Qu'ran and the Bible and proving that no, the Bible has not changed over time, it is important to note that the Bible seems to postulate a 6015 year old universe, not 7000.

Trying to fit millions or billions of years into the Qu'ran or the Bible contradicts both works, and ignores the plethora of evidence for a young universe. Despite the alleged facts quoted in the article, I have heard of those before, and there are simple answers to those. For instance, it is public knowledge that both Evolutionists and Creationists disagree that the moon dust/rocks should be used for dating, since there are too many factors to consider.