Thursday, February 17, 2011

Q- The “True Prophet”, “False Prophet”, “False Prophets”, “Comforter”, “Spirit of Truth”, Who are they? And How to differentiate between them?

1-    The True Prophet:

Too many readers don’t notice that there is a real prophecy in the New Testament about a true prophet who will be coming, which shown in the following signs:
  •   People who were meeting Jesus or John for the first time, they were asking if he is the Messiah or the Prophet?
  • Jesus talked about the comforter, the Spirit of Truth as single person only.
  • Jesus talked about the false prophets in plural that they are many and not only one.
  • Jesus talked about them to distinguish them from the true prophet.

This means that there will be one True Prophet and many False Prophets.
Let’s check one by one:

1-    In the following verses: they show a debate among the people whether if he is the Christ or the Prophet? Means they were expecting two different persons: Christ and the Prophet.