Thursday, June 16, 2011

Debate with a Priest (3) – Jesus as Son of God or Messenger of God ?


There were so many comments that my filter marked them all as spam. Regardless, I read through your comments, and before I continue, I need to point out a few things:

1) No matter how many times I may say it, I'll say it once more: the belief in an old universe came from secular ideas, not Christian. You may believe that science PROVES an old universe, but science does not prove either an old or a young universe, it only proves that we have a universe, that it had a beginning, and that it will have an end. Empirical science is true science.

2) Why are you using the Bible to argue against the Bible? This is a fallacy, and contradictory. You claim that the Bible is corrupted, yet you quote it as if you believed it was not. Either you believe it is corrupted, or you do not. If so, which parts are corrupted? It appears only the parts that agree with Islam. Regardless, the Bible IS NOT corrupted, it is the true Word of God.

Now, I will attempt to answer your questions, but I will be candid, I found much of it to be disjointed. 

1- Big bang Theory. On the contrary, I did use science in my article. If you seek more, see:

You insist that the Biblical Young Creation contradicts science, yet I still have not seen how it contradicts EMPIRICAL science in any way.