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Part 4 - Defeating the Argument “Was Jesus Son of God?” Logically ….

A- Why the SIN:

-          When God created Adam, did he know that Adam and his wife will eat from the tree before or not?
-          If he knows already, so WHY that SIN must stay with Adam down with all his descendents till Jesus?
-          Why all this punishment for Adam and his children for just eating one fruit, what if Adam didn’t eat one fruit, but cut all the tree? What would happen to Jesus more?
-          What is the destiny of those who died and still have SIN before Jesus crucifixion, to hell or to heaven?
-          Why GOD had waited all this time to purify the human kind after 100,000’s of years, why it was not before?
-          Before Jesus, there were good people and Prophets from GOD, did they inherit the SIN too, and how they enter the paradise before Jesus or all went to hell?
-          How come that some prophets forgive to people by themselves without the need to mention about the salvation of Jesus?

B- Why the need for Son of GOD?

-          If someone created or invited something like a chair or TV, shall he convert himself to TV or Chair to explain the customers how to use it, or just write a manual and send an expert?
-          Where was Jesus before coming to World, and when he was created, with or without God, or someone was before them or Father was the only one before him?
-          Who created him on heaven or was not created, or found himself?
-          What was his role before descending to Earth? What was his job? Creating and leading the world like Father, or with Father or part of the world?
-          When it’s decided to go to Earth and who decided? Him or the father? And why he and not anyone who looks like him? And who did handle his work up in heaven?

C- Why to Sacrifice by Son of God?

-          Why to sacrifice by the SON only? And why now? Why not before after Adam descending or just before end of life?
-          Why not scarifying by a sheep or a caw instead or someone else from Human or Satan himself who was the reason of this SIN, or at least one of his devil sons?
-          Why it needs to be from God or Son of God specifically?
-          If someone “A” committed a bad thing toward someone else “B”, who must pay for it, A, or B or son of “A” or son of “B”? And why the SON of “B”?
-          How son of God was caught and beaten like that, with no reaction from GOD at all, not even killing or cursing who crucified his son?
-          If someone caught a president’s Son and beat him in front of him, what will the president do with the assailant? What if the father was a police man, or rich man, or normal man, or even a poor man, or a beggar sitting on road side, will he accept to see his only son beaten with no reaction, what if he was even a handicap father and saw his Son beaten or going to be killed, will he react? Or will he stay calm?
-          Why God didn’t do anything, anything at all, not even an earthquake, or fire or stones coming from sky or flood, or wind or volcano or anything else on those who crucified his only begotten son?

D- Did Jesus know that he will be crucified for human salvation?

-          Why he told his companions [and you are clean!!], is it from Sin or not from Sin? And how they are clean and SIN was not removed yet?
-          Why Jesus answered when he was asked “how to have the eternal like”, he said: “Keep the commandments”? Why he didn’t say: Don’t WORRY, I will be crucified for your salvation?
-          Did Jesus know that he will die on cross or not? Did the “Father” told him before or keep it a surprise for him? Did he agree on it or not? When he descended to Earth, he was agreed to go or forced to?
-          If he agreed to do it? Why then he was praying all night and crying: “let this cup pass from me? Why he asked his disciples to pray with him too for the same purpose? Didn’t he know that from the beginning, or wished that God (of his father) will save him and will not leave him alone?
-          Why he shouted at end: “O my God, my God, why have you forsaken me? Was he finally depressed from being saved ?!!

E- What was the difference before and after the crucifixion, regarding Sin removal?

-          When Sin was set on Adam on his children, it was a multiple punishment and not on Adam’s children, as following:

o   Snake that will walk on its belly.
o   Women will desire their men, and suffer for delivering their children.
o   Men will suffer for living.

-          So, when Jesus was put on cross, do all these punishments still exist or not?
-          (Obviously) if they are still exist, so what was the benefit from Jesus death, and why only the “Sin” as word was removed not its effects (i.e. snake walk, women pain, men suffer for living)?
-          If someone had Sin before Jesus, will he be purified by Jesus death? But if he did a sin just after his death, will he purified too, will he be forgiven even before doing it?
-          Only Christians were purified by Jesus death or all people (non-Christians)?
-          If he will be purified anyway, so why no to commit all killing, raping, stealing, from all people, if just believing in Jesus will save him?
-          If someone in 21st century was a Christian, then he decided to convert to Islam or any other religion, will the “SIN” return to him again or he will stay sinless?
-          If someone steal something or kill someone, shall the judge keep him in Jail with all his family and sons, whether born or not yet?


According to the above critical thinking, we can answer the following on these 5 main questions:

A-   Why the SIN?
There is no single evidence that the SIN sustained on Adam’s Children, it’s not Right and not Logic, and was not mentioned by Jesus himself that he is coming for such purpose.

B-   Why the need for Son of GOD?
There is no single logical and intellectually acceptable reason that anyone neither on Earth nor in Universe, can sacrifice by his own SON for any others SIN’s ever, never seen and never accepted, not in Humans, not in Animals, not in anything else ever.

C-   Why to Sacrifice by Son of God?
There is no single acceptable and understandable logical justification that Jesus was the only one who must carry all Worlds’ sins, and why this miraculous and merciful person had to be tortured that much for others sins, absolutely extremely incomprehensible justification.

D-   Did Jesus know that he will be crucified for human salvation?
There is no single evidence in the bible that he must be killed for other sins, never telling that clearly using well defined words that “he will be crucified for us”, not even in single verse from his sayings. Otherwise why did he pray all night to remove such cup?

E-   What was the difference before and after the crucifixion, regarding Sin removal?
If there was a SIN, then it’s effects are still there and not removed from the world, whether on snake or men or women, and also people still sinning till now before, during and after Jesus, so where is the difference? Therefore, Jesus crucifixion was totally worthless.

“Was Jesus Son of God, or Part of God, or God himself?”

Logically, the answer is definitely NO.

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